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Credit Cards (MasterCard & Visa) and Debit Card

We currently accept MasterCard, Visa and Debit cards. Your credit card information is secured and safeguarded when shopping at Weebeli.Com. All information are encrypted and sent through secured and protected channels. As we are engaging senangPay as our payment gateway, SENANGPAY will be stated in your credit card statement.


Your payment will be processed by senangPay.my. The name SENANGPAY will appear on your credit card/ bank statement and you will also receive an email from senangPay as notification on this transaction.

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Financial Process Exchange (FPX) – Internet Banking

We also accept FPX payment method as it is an ideal payment solution for customers who do not own a credit card. All that is needed to make an online payment here is an online banking account *. Payment is directly linked and connected to the customer’s specified online banking account. Transactions are usually instant and fast. Supporting banks include:

  • Maybank2u
  • CIMB Clicks
  • Bank Islam
  • RHB
  • Public Bank
  • Ambank
  • Hong Leong Connect
  • UOB

FPX (Financial Process Exchange) is a channel that allows you to make payment via online real-time through your current or savings account. All you need is an Internet banking account with any of FPX participating banks


PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: PayPal balance, bank account, PayPal branded debit and credit cards, PayPal Credit, debit card, and credit card. Because your protection against undelivered or defective goods will vary with each method, you should review this page to understand how you can select a payment method and how protection differs depending on your payment method.

This page does not address unauthorized transactions. For information on your protection against unauthorized transactions, please see the Error Resolution section of the PayPal User Agreement.

Preferred Payment Method

You can choose any of the payment methods in your PayPal account as your preferred method. You can select a preferred payment method in your account preferences on www.paypal.com. There may be times that your preferred method cannot be used, for example, if you select a credit card that has expired, or if you choose to pay with your PayPal balance but there are not enough funds at the time the transaction processes. In rare cases you may need to use your balance prior to using your preferred payment method, but you will be shown that at the time of checkout.

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